3rd Eye Yoga Adventures offers specialized planning & management services to yoga teachers and studios who are looking to facilitate their own group for retreats, workshops or teacher training, or for solo travelers looking to join a scheduled event and would like to have us manage their  trip, excursions and activities . We are dedicated to helping you provide or be part of an amazing experience..


There is a huge difference between going on holiday and going on retreat. Even the word itself tells us that it’s all about stepping back, going inwards, and allowing yourself the treat of time out. At the very least, time away from your day-to-day life will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, re-inspired, and deeply rested. At best, a retreat can help you to gain clarity, seek for deeper truth, and possibly even find the answers you’ve been searching for. Our passion is helping to create memorable and life-changing experiences, it is a process that brings growth and healing through travel and education.


Should you decide to work with us, you will be leaving all of the planning and logistical work in our capable hands, so that you, the retreat leader or individual, can focus your precious energy on the contents of the retreat itself. Our expertise and insight in planning these events allows us to anticipate needs and take care of the many logistical arrangements involved in organizing your retreat, workshop or teacher training. 3rd Eye Yoga Adventures offers help with promoting your event via 3rd Eye's website and social media to our subscribers, however. teachers and facilitators are responsible for filling the majority of their retreats.

Our Mission

To all who visit us, we offer an experience of profound beauty, wholesomeness, well-being, human warmth, respect and care.  This is expressed by our authenticity, wholehearted dedication, and careful attention to providing an environment where individual guests and group leaders feel nurtured and supported.  We are guided by integrity, openness, kindness, happiness and love.

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